Cracked Teeth In Summerville, SC

Cracked Teeth In Summerville, SC

Cracked teeth can be treated through endodontic procedures, such as root canal treatment, provided by specialized endodontists. These professionals evaluate the location, depth, and extent of the crack to determine the appropriate treatment. The goal of the treatment is to remove the damaged pulp, clean the affected area, and seal it to prevent further damage or infection. This treatment option is ideal for individuals who want to preserve their natural teeth instead of undergoing extraction.

It depends on the severity of the crack and the specific treatment used that determines how long it will take for cracked tooth treatment to produce results. Relief from pain and discomfort can be immediate or take a few days. It is important to maintain good oral hygiene, get regular dental checkups, and avoid habits that stress the teeth in order to maintain the results. With proper care, the results of cracked tooth treatment can last for many years. At Endodontic Specialists by Solomon Dental in Summerville, SC, our staff is committed to providing personalized treatment plans and ensuring patient comfort. Schedule an appointment with Dr. McAbee to begin your journey toward a healthier smile.

Benefits Of Cracked Tooth Treatment Include:


Avulsed Teeth:

When a tooth is completely knocked out of its socket, immediate treatment is vital. The tooth must be kept moist to increase the chance of saving it. A root canal may be necessary, depending on the condition of the root and how long the tooth was out of the mouth.

Fractured And Chipped Teeth:

When a tooth is fractured, repair options include reattaching the broken fragment or using a tooth-colored filling. In cases where a large portion of the tooth is damaged, a crown is often necessary. If the injury exposes the pulp, a root canal is usually required.

Luxated Teeth:

Teeth can become loose or dislodged due to mouth injuries, necessitating immediate endodontic care. Dentists or endodontists can typically stabilize and reposition the tooth, with a root canal treatment to follow if necessary.

Root Fractures:

Horizontal root fractures represent a severe type of dental trauma. The treatment approach and prognosis heavily depend on the fracture’s location – the closer to the root tip, the higher the success rate.

Splints And Stabilization:

To protect teeth after initial treatment, non-rigid splints might be used to provide short-term support. In case the pulp remains healthy after tooth repositioning and stabilization, no additional treatment is necessary.


No, unfortunately, cracked teeth won’t heal on their own. Cracked teeth in Summerville, South Carolina, require professional dental treatment to prevent further complications.

Yes, a cracked tooth should be considered a dental emergency, and you should seek immediate dental care.

A crown is often recommended to provide additional support and protection to the cracked tooth.

Yes, a cracked tooth in Summerville, SC, can cause sensitivity to temperature changes, including hot or cold foods and beverages.

The treatment itself is performed under local anesthesia, ensuring you are comfortable throughout the procedure. Some soreness or sensitivity after the treatment is normal but should subside in a few days.

It is generally advisable to avoid biting down on hard or crunchy foods immediately after the treatment. Dr. McAbee will provide specific instructions regarding your diet during the recovery period.



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